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Stewflation: 3 ways to beat shopping inflation during detty December (Number 1 is the ultimate trick)

Shopping inflation is expected to reach its peak in December. Get ahead of the December shopping rush with these tips (check out number one!)

Detty December is for eating good food with your family and having fun. But “stewflation,” the loose term for the rising cost of soup ingredients, threatens the fun. Food costs more than at any time in the past 20 years. What’s more? Food prices may yet hit a new, unprecedented level of inflation, as X (formerly Twitter) peeps said:

Despite the “stewflation” heat, we have shopping tricks for beating the price rush in December.

3 ways to beat shopping  inflation during detty December in Nigeria

1. Watch out for promo campaigns from grocery stores 

December is the peak period for freebies. The freebies (e.g., discounts and coupons) make grocery shopping cheaper. 

Pricelock, for instance, is a cost-saving campaign that insulates you from the expected inflation in December. The money-saving plan lets you buy food items at current market rates before receiving them in December. 

For example, you can pay part or full payment for a bag of rice in November, and you’ll receive the item in December without paying any extra cost, irrespective of the market price at the time of delivery. Pricelock is also easy; it’s as effortless as filling out a form to get started. 

The PricePally Pricelock form for avoiding inflation in December
The Pricelock form

The coupon code attached to the stew affordability report is another cost-effective shopping measure. After downloading the Stew Index Report, which analyzes food pricing and affordability in Nigeria, you’ll get ₦2,500 off your first order on PricePally. 

2. Pally (share) with a friend

Group shopping helps you buy more food for less money. Pally, the bulk-sharing service on PricePally, lets you split the cost of food with friends or other shoppers. 

Unlike conventional group-buying schemes, you don’t need to wait on other group members before paying for items. After choosing the products, you can pay for them immediately. The service is available on PricePally’s website and mobile apps (Android and iOS). 

3. Buy food in bulk 

Buying food in bulk is a no-brainer shopping trick because food prices are constantly increasing in Nigeria. The more food you buy and store, the more money you’ll save in the long run. Before buying food in bulk, create a shopping list based on health and food priorities—buy only the food you need in bulk. 

The ease and cost of bulk buying depend on where you shop. Besides saving you market stress and transportation costs, online grocery stores like PricePally offer pocket-friendly fees for food items. That’s why we have reviews like this from our customers:                         

FAQs about shopping inflation in Nigeria

What’s Pricelock? 

Pricelock is a shopping offer that helps you “lock” the price of food to beat inflation during the festive season. When you pay for food, either in part or in full, the food will be delivered to you in December, irrespective of its cost at the time of delivery. 

How does Pricelock works? 

The Pricelock offer helps you beat the projected inflation during the holiday season. All you have to do is select the items you want to buy, then make a partial or full payment to secure the price at the current market value and receive the items in December.

Who is Pricelock for?

Pricelock is for food businesses, corporate organizations, cooperatives, families, and individuals. 

What does the lockdown fee mean in Pricelock? 

The lockdown fee is the money you pay to secure your food spot until December. The fee ranges between ₦50 and ₦1,000, depending on the food items. The lockdown fee and the market price of the food item make up the cost of the food you’re buying. 

Can I do bulk sharing on Pricepally through WhatsApp?

Currently, Pally is available on the mobile app and the web, but not on WhatsApp (aka April, the shopping assistant). However, you can order food from PricePally through WhatsApp. 

How many people can I share food with on PricePally? 

You can share prices with 1–10 people at once. Every item has a specific portion size.