About Pricepally

Pricepally is the most affordable and cost-saving online grocery store in Nigeria.



Nigerian soup ingredientscheaper than local markets.

Fresher, Cheaper, Better

  1. Farm-fresh food
    Pricepally gives Nigerians access to farm-fresh food, carefully sourced from trusted suppliers.
  2. Pricepally is cheaper than local markets
    Because we have direct contact with farmers and food dealers, products are sold on Pricepally at price points cheaper than local markets.
  3. Buy bulk or share bulk
    Pricepally gives shoppers the opportunity to buy foodstuffs in bulk or share bulk items with others using the Pally feature to save costs. For example, up to 10 people can share 50kg of Tomatoes.
  4. Same and next-day delivery
    In Abuja and Port-Harcourt, Pricepally delivers the same day if you order before 12PM. In Lagos, Pricepally delivers promptly the next day.

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