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October 2023 Food News: Food Festival, Inflation, and Pricepally’s Solution

October 2023 food news brings you a blend of culinary delight, economic insights, and strategies to tackle Nigeria’s food challenges.

From the Foodaholic Festival 2023, where family fun meets brand excellence, to the pressing issue of soaring food prices driving Nigeria’s inflation, we’ve got your food-loving interests covered. Join us as we explore the importance of standardizing food exports, the surge in rice prices impacting consumers, and the strategies needed to combat Nigeria’s growing food crisis. Plus, don’t miss our exclusive tip on avoiding the December food spike with the Pricepally Food Price Lock.

Here are the stories we covered for October food news: 

  • Foodaholic Festival 2023: A Culinary Display Filled with Family Fun, Brand Excellence, and Creative Feasting.
  • September Sees Nigeria’s Inflation Soar to 26.72% Due to Rising Food Prices.
  • Enhancing Global Acceptance: Standardizing Our Food Exports.
  • Nigeria’s Escalating Food Costs: A 60.59% Surge in Rice Prices Hits Consumers.
  • What Strategies Can Be Employed to Alleviate Nigeria’s Food Crisis?
  • Avoid December Food Spike With Pricepally Food Price Lock.
Foodaholic Festival 2023: A Culinary Display Filled with Family Fun, Brand Excellence, and Creative Feasting

October 2023 food news: Food event

The Foodaholic Festival, a yearly event in Nigeria, gears up for its 2023 edition. What began as a small gathering in 2017 has blossomed into a lively extravaganza for food enthusiasts and families. Moreover, the festival showcases a diverse range of food, drinks, and products from numerous brands. This serves as a vibrant platform for interaction, feedback, and sales. Notably, the event includes various attractions such as open-air lounges, dynamic DJ performances, exciting games, and delightful food sampling.


Gina Ehikodi Ojo, the festival’s Convener, articulates the event’s aim: creating a secure and joyful space for families, promoting products and services, and facilitating connections between brands and their consumers. Furthermore, the 2023 festival will encompass a Symposium dedicated to promoting culinary creativity through advertising. The main Festival event is set to draw in over 4,000 food lovers, providing brands with an optimal platform for engagement. Notably, businesses can purchase exhibition booths, ensuring high visibility and lucrative opportunities. Save the date: the festival will unfold on December 9th, 2023, at the Ndubuisi Kanu Park, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.


September Sees Nigeria’s Inflation Soar to 26.72% Due to Rising Food Prices

October 2023 food news: Food Inlation

In September 2023, Nigeria’s inflation rate soared to 26.72%,

marking a continuous increase. Comparatively, in August 2023, there was a 0.92% point rise in headline inflation. Furthermore, inflation was 5.94% higher than in September of the previous year but 1.08% lower than in August 2023, indicating milder price changes in September. Importantly, food remains the primary driver of inflation in Nigeria, with a year-on-year food inflation rate of 30.64% in September 2023, linked to price increases in various food items.


Nevertheless, on a month-to-month basis, food prices experienced a 1.4% decrease. Despite the implementation of various monetary measures, Nigeria’s inflation continues to rise. This is largely due to the removal of fuel subsidies, which has led to higher food prices. Given this data, it underscores the urgent need to address food inflation, as previous solutions, like the proposed commodity board, have proven ineffective.


Enhancing Global Acceptance: Standardizing Our Food Exports

Food export

It’s lamentable that Nigeria still faces issues hindering the export of its farm products, especially food, to global markets.Several officials, like former Minister of Agriculture Audu Ogbeh and NAFDAC’s Dr. Moji Adeyeye, have raised concerns. They worry about poor standards, which result in the rejection of Nigerian food exports. However, tangible solutions haven’t been implemented. This problem persists because various government agencies tasked with ensuring international export standards for Nigerian foodstuff often face corruption, turf wars, and a lack of collaboration.

To address this problem decisively, the Nigerian government needs to take action. It could consolidate agencies with overlapping functions into an efficient department to standardize food exports effectively. This presents a significant opportunity. It can help expand foreign exchange earnings, create jobs, and support local agriculture. Collaboration between federal and state governments is crucial. This ensures Nigerian-grown foods meet international standards and make use of the duty-free access granted by the US government for over two decades.


Nigeria’s Escalating Food Costs: A 60.59% Surge in Rice Prices Hits Consumers

Rice inflation

The National Bureau of Statistics’ September 2023 report reveals significant price hikes in essential food items. Firstly, boneless beef prices rose sharply by 28.08%, reaching ₦2,816.91 in September 2023. Similarly, locally sold rice saw a substantial 60.59% increase, reaching ₦757.06. Additionally, brown beans followed a similar trend, with a 28.76% increase. Onion bulbs’ average price increased by 29.81%, and yam prices surged by 45.11% year-on-year.

Moreover, the report also highlighted regional disparities in food prices. For example, in Anambra, the highest average price for 1kg of boneless beef stood at ₦3,800.42, while Kogi had a relatively lower price at ₦1,845.29. Likewise, similar variations existed for other food items, contributing to a complex economic landscape for consumers nationwide.


What Strategies Can Be Employed to Alleviate Nigeria’s Food Crisis?

Hunger is a growing crisis in Nigeria, exacerbated by rising food prices and falling incomes. Food insecurity has increased from 11% in 2014 to over 21% in 2022. What’s concerning is that this crisis is most prevalent in urban areas, where much of the country’s economic activities occur. This crisis is a result of several factors, including declining incomes, high food prices driven by climate change and foreign exchange issues, and the removal of fuel subsidies. Despite previous government initiatives, significant challenges remain in achieving food security. To address this crisis, Nigeria needs to restore macroeconomic stability, improve policy coordination, increase investment in agriculture, and build resilience in the food supply chain. It’s crucial to act promptly to avert further suffering and promote food security in Nigeria.


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October 2023 food news: Pricelock

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