PricePally: The Home of Fresh Food in Ibadan

PricePally: The home of fresh food in Ibadan

If you searched “fresh food in Ibadan” on Google and were disappointed not to find online grocery stores selling fresh food, that’s about to change. PricePally, the home of fresh food and household supplies, now operates in the famous brown-roof city. And here’s why you should buy fresh food from us if you live in (or around) Ibadan.

If you searched “fresh food in Ibadan” on Google and were disappointed not to find online grocery stores selling fresh food, that’s about to change. PricePally—the online grocery store for fresh food and household supplies—now operates in the famous city with brown roofs. 

Benefits of buying fresh food from PricePally in Ibadan

1. No market runs

Market trips are physically draining and eat time. PricePally takes away market stress by delivering food to your doorstep. PricePally also provides food carriage beyond your doorstep, especially if you live in a multi-story building or can’t carry heavy objects. 

A customer praises PricePally's delivery efficiency, food quality, and affordability on Twitter/X
A customer praises PricePally’s delivery efficiency, food quality, and affordability

2. Access to quality food

In food lore, fresh foods provide the healthiest source of nutrients. However, vendors influence the nutrient level and safety of fresh foods. For instance, the Foundation of Investigative Journalism (FIJ) recently uncovered an abattoir that sells dead and sick animals to unsuspecting meat buyers. The FIJ story explains why you should buy fresh foods from government-accredited sources like PricePally. They follow food safety guidelines in every food stage (sourcing, procurement, warehousing, and delivery), preserving the farm-fresh nutrients you need.

3. Cheaper than local markets

Food inflation is almost at a 27-year high; therefore, it’s financially understandable if quality food at local markets is beyond your purse. PricePally, whose ethos is providing quality food at affordable prices, has food prices for every wallet level. We source food items directly from farmers, making them up to 40% cheaper than local markets

4. Convenient bulk buying

Bulk buying is one of the best ways to hedge against the rising food inflation in Nigeria. But what if you don’t have enough to buy food in bulk? We built Pally (aka community shopping) to split food prices to buy quality food in bulk or small quantities at pocket-friendly rates.

For example, you can share the cost of rice with friends or other shoppers. Unlike conventional food groups, other members don’t have to pay before you can checkout. To share food costs using Pally, follow the steps below. 

  • Log in to PricePally through the website or mobile app (iOS or Android). Select the food you want (e.g., a paint bucket of bell pepper, aka tatase)
  • Click Select Order Type. Choose Pally (Share), and select the portion you want to buy. Only a half bucket and a full paint bucket are available in this case. Extra services like deseeding are available for selected food products like pepper. If you want the service, select it. 

How to use Pally to buy fresh food on PricePally

                                                    How to choose the Pally portion and deseeding service on PricePally

  • Proceed to checkout, where you can pay for your items using any of the following payment methods: 
  • Providus Bank (direct bank transfer)
  • Paga (direct bank transfer)
  • Paystack
  • Thepeer

Thepeer lets you use your digital wallets, like Pocket and Alat by Wema, to pay for food items on PricePally. It’s the perfect payment method if you don’t fancy using your ATM or credit card. 

4. Built for everyone

PricePally, like food, is for everyone. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to order food from us. The website and mobile apps are easy to use, with simplified interfaces showing product categories available on PricePally. 

Similarly, the WhatsApp shopping assistant (April) collects and processes your orders for you like a personal shopper. April is typically reserved for individuals with little knowledge about the internet. Whether it’s the website (or mobile app) or April, we have channels built for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions about shopping for fresh foods in Ibadan on PricePally

Can I pally with other shoppers through April? 

Currently, Pally is only available on the mobile app and the website. 

Does PricePally do same-day delivery in Ibadan?

We offer same-day delivery for all orders completed before 8 a.m. After this time, you’ll receive your order the next day.