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Pricepally partners with Dream Catchers Academy to fight extreme hunger in Nigeria

High food inflation threatens food affordability. This is why we created the food intervention program to provide food for vulnerable groups in Nigeria.

Pricepally’s intervention program will provide food to charity organizations to cope with high food inflation in the country

Lagos, Nigeria (August 11, 2023)Pricepally creates a food intervention program, partnering with Dream Catchers Academy—a non-profit organization for girls and women in Nigeria—to improve food security and accessibility for vulnerable groups in Nigeria. 

The current food situation in Nigeria is grim, as UNICEF expects 25 million Nigerians to experience extreme hunger in 2023. The 2022 Global Hunger Index (GHI) also ranked Nigeria’s hunger level as “serious,” ranking 103 among 121 countries. Besides, the GHI survey showed that malnourishment is the cause of mortality for one in 10 children in Nigeria. 

Food prices aren’t slowing down soon following fuel subsidy removal and naira devaluation—two economic decisions responsible for the rising food costs in Nigeria. Because of their limited financial strength, vulnerable groups and orphans will likely feel the deepest burn of high food inflation.

“Orphanages, which already suffer with limited resources, are finding it even harder to provide for the growing number of children in their care due to economic difficulties,” said Jummai Abalaka, the co-founder of Pricepally.

As a result, Pricepally, whose ethos rests on providing affordable food to families in Nigeria, is eager to improve food availability for vulnerable groups through the novel donation program. The goal, Jummai explained, is “to fight hunger among orphaned children” through the proceeds from the “donate to charity” option available on Pricepally’s shopping platforms. She urged everyone to contribute to the cause to ensure that “no child goes to bed hungry.” 

About Pricepally 

Pricepally is an online grocery store for farm-fresh food and household supplies in Nigeria. The company currently operates in three major cities: Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.