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Pricelock FAQs: Everything you need to know about avoiding food inflation in December

Read all you need to know about Pricelock, the cost-saving plan for preventing shopping inflation during the festive season in December.

Pricelock is PricePally’s cost-saving plan to help you avoid the projected food inflation during the festive season in December.  We’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Pricelock to help you understand how it works.

1. What’s Pricelock? 

Pricelock is a shopping offer that helps you “lock” the price of food to beat inflation during the festive season. When you pay for food, either in part or in full, the food will be delivered to you in December, irrespective of its cost at the time of delivery. 

2. Is Pricelock a scam?

No. The Pricelock offer is not a scam. PricePally is a reputable company. Once you sign up for Pricelock, our dedicated and reliable partnership team will contact you. So you don’t have to worry about not receiving your goods after payment.

3. Has PricePally done a Pricelock campaign before?

No. This is the first rollout of the Pricelock offer from PricePally. While other enterprises have used the name “Price Lock,” they’re not affiliated with us. 

4. How does Pricelock work?

The Pricelock offer helps you beat the projected inflation during the festive period. All you have to do is select the items you want to buy, then make a partial or full payment to secure the food at the current market value before receiving it in December. 

5. Who is Pricelock for?

Pricelock is for food businesses, corporate organizations, cooperatives, families, and individuals.  

6. How do I know my money is secure? 

PricePally is a trusted and reputable organization. Your payment for Pricelock is very secure with us. Once you have paid, you will receive a payment note that confirms your payment. 

7. Which food can I buy during Pricelock? 

You can buy non-perishable items that can be stored, such as rice, spaghetti, oil, noodles, etc. Check the PricePally Pricelock website for the full list of items you can buy.

8. How do I lock up my money? 

To secure your money, fill out a form on the PricePally Pricelock website. After completing the form, our partnership team will contact you about the next steps. 

9. How much do I need to pay? 

The amount you pay depends on the food item you want to buy. You can make a complete payment at once. Alternatively, you can pay 70% and pay the balance before receiving your food items in December. 

10. What’s the lockdown fee? 

The lockdown fee is the money you pay to secure your food spot until December. The fee ranges between ₦50 and ₦1,000, depending on the food item. The lockdown fee and the current market price of the food item make up the cost of the food you’re buying during Pricelock.