March Food News: Navigating High Prices, Seasonal Delights, Our Price Index
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March Food News: Navigating High Prices and Seasonal Delights

Hey there foodies! We’re back!


It’s been a hot minute since our last food-related update, we’re back and better than ever. This time around, we will be giving you a monthly dose of our food news. So much has happened in the Nigerian food space since we last checked in, and we’re excited to bring you up to speed. 

We have been busy tasting and testing all kinds of deliciousness to bring you the latest scoop from the Nigerian food scene. March 2023 was a whirlwind of a month, with plenty of highs and lows. From the crazy naira scarcity, skyrocketing food prices to the arrival of new seasonal produce. Not only did we have to buy food items, we also had to buy naira to buy foodstuffs. It was a lot!


We are happy to share our March findings with you. Let’s dig in!




  • Why Are Food Prices So High in Nigeria? The of Insecurity, Malnutrition, and Climate Change
  • Farmers Struggle with Scarcity of Naira Notes During Dry Season Farming in Nigeria
  • March, The Holy Month for Fasting: Lent and Ramadan.
  • Price index: Prices of staple food items in Nigerian households and a seasonal food item. 
  • Enjoy Effortless Grocery Shopping With April, Pricepally’s WhatsApp Shopping Assistant.


Why Are Food Prices So High in Nigeria? The Insecurity, Malnutrition, and Climate Change

Food market

The Nigerian government identified food insecurity, malnutrition, and climate change as factors contributing to high food prices and low income levels in the country. These challenges have made it difficult for many Nigerians to access affordable and nutritious food.


To address this issue, the government is working on a plan to transform the food system in Nigeria. This plan involves input from various stakeholders, including government officials and organisations working on development. The goal is to come up with new ideas and policies that will make it easier for people to access the food they need.


The plan is still in development, but it’s clear that a lot of work needs to be done. The hope is that the plan will help make food more available and affordable for everyone in Nigeria, especially those who are struggling to make ends meet. By working together and coming up with innovative solutions, the Nigerian government is taking an important step towards creating a more sustainable and equitable food system for all its citizens.


Farmers Struggle with Scarcity of Naira Notes During Dry Season Farming in Nigeria

Farmers farming on their farm

Nigerian farmers are facing challenges as they start dry season farming due to the scarcity of naira notes. This adds to their woes following the devastating impact of the 2022 floods, which led to food shortages. 

The scarcity of funds for farming activities is likely to impede the government’s efforts to achieve food security, as well as the farmers’ efforts to make up for their losses. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) predicts that over 25 million Nigerians will experience acute food and nutrition insecurity between June and August 2023. 

While the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Mohammmad Mahmood Abubakar, assures Nigerians that there won’t be food shortages, the President of the Potato Farmers Association of Nigeria (POFAN), Daniel Okafor, warns that the scarcity of naira notes is causing serious problems for farmers, and that the inadequate grain reserves may not be enough to address food crisis needs.

March, The Holy Month for Fasting: Lent and Ramadan


As we approached March, Christians and Muslims around the world prepared for their respective periods of fasting. Lent, which was observed by Christians, started on February 22nd and would last for 40 days, leading up to Easter. During this time, Christians fasted and reflected on their faith.


Ramadan, which is observed by Muslims, started on March 23 and would last for a month. During this time, Muslims fasted from dawn until dusk, refraining from food and water during daylight hours. It is a time for reflection, prayer, and acts of charity.


While these two fasting periods differ in their length and specific practices, they both emphasize the importance of self-discipline and spiritual reflection. As we entered this time of fasting and reflection, religious folks strived to deepen their faith and connect with their communities.


We took to the streets to ask various Muslims about the significance of Ramadan and what their daily routine looks like while fasting. Check out the video here.


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