Pricepally partners with shuttlers
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Pricepally Partners with Shuttlers to Provide Mobility Solutions to Customers

Lagos, August 31st, 2023Pricepally, the renowned online food e-commerce platform in Nigeria, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Shuttlers, a tech-mobility company. This collaboration aims to offer Pricepally users an exceptional opportunity to enhance their commuting experience while enjoying the convenience of online grocery shopping.


Shuttlers, known for its innovative approach to urban transportation, provides a digital platform for bus ride-sharing. It addresses the challenges of inefficient transportation infrastructure and costs in African cities. With the goal of transforming daily commutes into stress-free and productive experiences, Shuttlers offers individuals, professionals, and companies smarter mobility options.

Pricepally partners with Shuttlers


  • Pricepally partners with Shuttlers to offer its users a 50% discount on their first rides while Shuttlers’ users get ₦1,000 OFF their first order.
  • The collaboration aligns with both companies’ dedication to enhancing convenience and simplifying daily experiences for users.
  • This collaboration offers users a seamless blend of online grocery shopping convenience and stress-free transportation.


This partnership with Shuttlers introduces an exclusive offer to our users. As part of this collaboration, our users will receive 50% discount on their first Shuttlers ride using the code “PRICEPALLY”. In return, Shuttlers’ users will receive  ₦1,000 OFF their first Pricepally order. This initiative aligns with Pricepally’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences beyond grocery and household  shopping.


“We are thrilled about our partnership with Shuttlers,” said Luther Lawoyin, CEO at Pricepally. “This collaboration is another step towards providing comprehensive solutions for our users’ everyday needs. By partnering with Shuttlers, we extend our dedication to convenience and value.”


To enjoy the 50% discount on their first Shuttlers ride, Pricepally users can simply download the Shuttlers app, sign up, and enter the code “PRICEPALLY”. Here is a video on how it works: How To Apply a Promo Code on Shuttlers


This partnership reflects Pricepally’s continuous efforts to create synergistic alliances that enrich our users’ lifestyles and offer seamless solutions beyond grocery and household shopping.


About Pricepally


Pricepally was founded in 2019 with a vision to revolutionize the food distribution system in African cities by connecting farmers, manufacturers, and wholesalers directly with consumers. Our goal is to build a next-generation food system that allows key players in the food value chain to exchange deals with end consumers in an innovative and beneficial way for all involved.

Pricepally currently serves customers in three Nigerian cities, Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, providing same day and next day grocery delivery services.

Pricepally is more than just an online provider of fresh bulk food items. Using data, technology, and partnerships, we have created a system that enables customers to get the best value for their money at no extra cost and from the convenience of their homes and workplaces.

One of our unique features is the Pally feature, which promotes community spirit and enables customers to get more for less by sharing their orders with others.

We are excited to be a part of the new economy and we are dedicated to building a more efficient and sustainable food system for African cities.


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