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PricePally Food Creators: Food Content Creation through OmoyeCooks Eyes 

An established achiever like OmoyeCooks is the best educator about food content creation. Learn practical food content creation tips from OmoyeCooks’ eyes in this piece.

Omoye Isabota, popularly known as OmoyeCooks, is a seasoned food lover and content creator. She has made over 2,000 food posts on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube—three social media platforms where she routinely posts mouth-watering food recipes to thousands of her followers.

Born out of the intense desire for culinary arts education, she launched the OmoyeCooks Academy to help food content creators understand the art and science of creating nutritious meals. 

In a chat with PricePally, OmoyeCooks spoke about her journey into food content creation, including photography and videography. She also shared practical tips to start a career as a food content creator.  Read our chat with her below. 

1. What inspired you to start OmoyeCooks?

My love for cooking inspired me to start OmoyeCooks. I have always loved cooking and sharing recipes that show that cooking is fun. 

2. You create your food content on Instagram; how did your journey into food content creation, photography, and videography start?

I started by taking pictures of steps and processes to make a recipe on Instagram. I would film on the moon when the sun was at its brightest. This happened during the lockdown in 2020. The photography started before I went into videography. As my audience grew, I started to invest in filming gadgets and props to make my videos sharper and brighter.

3. How do you cope with producing food content and running the OmoyeCooks Academy?

I have a timetable that I work with. It helps with scheduling each activity for both businesses so I don’t get overwhelmed. Over time, I got some staff that supported me in certain areas while I focused on my core tasks. 

4. What tips would you give an inspiring content creator regarding food photography and video production? 

I’ll say start with what you have and grow from there. Invest in good lighting. Read, read, and read! Expand your knowledge and never stop learning. 

5. What’s the most challenging part of creating food content?

It’s capital and time-intensive. It’s a deliberate decision to keep going every day. 

6. What’s one food content creation hack you swear by? 

Be your authentic self and your community will find you. 

7. What’s the best and worst part of food content creation?

The best part will be the connections I’ve made with people I’ve never met who completely love and appreciate what you do. The challenging part is capital.

8. Your videos typically do well on Instagram; what tips would you give an inspiring food content creator regarding food photography and video editing/production?

Create content that resonates with your audience. Be your authentic self and your audience will find you. 

9. What is the basic equipment an inspiring food content creator needs to succeed?

You need a good phone, a tripod stand to hold the phone while filming and invest in very good lighting.

10. Describe how your recent partnership with PricePally increased your brand regarding reach, engagement, business goals, etc.

PricePally is a reputable brand whose value of high-quality products and services aligns with our values here at OmoyeCooks. 

11. What did you appreciate the most about collaborating with PricePally as a food content creator?

It’s always the prompt delivery and high quality of the product sourced. How do you keep your content fresh and engaging for your audience? 

12. How do you keep your content fresh and engaging for your audience? 

I owe all my inspiration to God, my mum, my childhood, and the experiences around me. I’m grateful to my amazing growing community that also inspires me. They inspire fresh content through their engagements.