How to make a sunrise mocktail by Omoye Cooks
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Sunrise mocktail recipe: How to make a sunrise mocktail by Omoye Cooks

The weather is hot! But your body shouldn’t. Learn the sunrise mocktail recipe to create a fruity, non-alcoholic, and healthy beverage you’d love.

Mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages filled with herbs and spices. They’re also called “virgin cocktails” because they don’t contain alcohol, making them perfect for individuals who want to enjoy flavored drinks without worrying about alcohol intoxication for health reasons. Mocktail recipes are typically simple and easy to prepare at home, but you must mix the right ingredients in the correct volume.

To help you enjoy nutritious mocktails at home, we curated the sunrise mocktail recipe by Omoye Cooks, a food content creator, with a ready-made bundle for easy preparation. 

Sunrise mocktail recipe: How to prepare the sunrise mocktail with Omoye Cooks

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You need the ingredients listed below to prepare the sunrise mocktail: 

  • ripe orange 
  • strawberry
  • mint leaves
  • 1 liter of pineapple juice
  • 1 liter of orange juice
  • red wine
  • grenadine
  • fresh rosemary leaves

How to make the sunrise mocktail in 15 minutes

  • Slice the ripe orange without peeling the back.
  • Make a strawberry popsicle. Blend water, mint leaves, and strawberries. Pour the mixture into a popsicle mold and freeze it.
  • Put the sliced orange and mint-filled strawberry popsicle into your preferred jar. 
  • Pour the orange juice and pineapple juice into the jar.
  • Add 3–4 glasses of non-alcoholic red wine to the mixture.
  • Add 2–3 cups of grenadine.
  • Add fresh rosemary leaves to the mocktail.
  • Light up another piece of fresh rosemary leaf with a lighter. Cover the rosemary with a tumbler to trap the scent. Remove the tumble once the rosemary has dried off. Repeat this process for every tumbler for the sunrise mocktail.

Are you still unsure about preparing the sunrise mocktail drink? Watch Omoye Cooks on the PricePally YouTube channel to learn the step-by-step process.

3 health benefits of mocktail drinks

Now that you know how to make a mocktail, let’s tell you about its nutritional benefits.

1. It helps you stay hydrated

Mocktails are flavored with water, iced tea, and water-rich fruits, as seen with the strawberries used in the sunrise mocktail recipe. These base ingredients prevent dehydration while supplying your body with essential nutrients without increasing your calorie count. During the hot weather in Nigeria, mocktails can help you spice your water diet routine. 

2. More ways to eat nutrients

Mocktails give you the chance to include low-calorie, healthy nutrients in your drinks. Base ingredients, such as herbs and spices (e.g., cinnamon and rosemary), supply antioxidants that remove harmful substances from the body and lower the risk of heart disease. 

3. It’s not addictive

Unlike alcohol-filled drinks, mocktails contain zero or inconsequential quantities of alcohol, making them a non-addictive, nutritious drink for social gatherings of all ages. 

FAQs about mocktail recipes

What’s grenadine made from? 

Grenadine is a non-alcoholic syrup traditionally made from pomegranate, water, sugar, or lemon juice, with a sweet-tart flavor and deep color. Commercially available grenadine, however, is made from high-fructose corn syrup, citric acid, and red flavor coloring. 

Although the store-bought version is freely available and cheap, the traditional version made from pomegranate and water contains more healthy ingredients and flavor, making it better for making mocktail recipes at home. 

What’s the difference between a mocktail and a cocktail?

The alcohol level is the main difference between mocktails and cocktails. Cocktails are made from alcoholic spirits like vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, etc., while mocktails don’t contain alcohol. As a result, cocktails are for adults legally permitted to drink alcohol, while mocktails are for people of all ages. 

Learn the comprehensive differences between mocktails and cocktails in the table below: 

Feature  Cocktail 


Alcohol content 

Yes  No 

Main ingredients 

Spirit, mixers 

Fruit juices, syrups, herbs, and sodas

Flavor profile 

Often alcoholic 

Sweet and fruity 


Adults with legal permission to drink 

All ages