Pricepally through careful packaging, promotes good hygienic practices to prevent and control foodborne disease.

Pricepally through careful packaging, promotes good hygienic practices to prevent and control foodborne disease.

Last week, Ada gave us a hearty review that warmed the hearts of every member of the Pricepally team.

You see, Ada isn’t the only one who has expressed the frustration of food shopping in Nigeria. We all have.

When you put into consideration transportation cost, market hassles, outrageous prices amongst other issues, it is no wonder a common reference in reviews from users remains the ease and satisfaction in delivery Pricepally provides because we all know the sport food shopping can be.

As a digital solution transforming access to fresh and affordable groceries, we are excited that the likes of you and Ada can enjoy fresh and quality groceries from the comfort of your homes and workplace. And with the year slowly approaching its climax, we are grateful for letting us serve you thus far.

In today’s food news, we continue to bring you to speed on recent developments at Pricepally and trends in the food market.

Local News

In Season/Out of Season

Reports reaching us state that the price of Irish potato will continue to increase as it gradually goes out of season. As at today a bag of Irish Potatoes sells (cost price) at N40,000 from N23,000 (September). Items like red onions and Ata rodo (pepper) have also experienced price jumps due to seasonal availability. Red onions which sold at N23,000 now sell at N40,000 per 50kg, Ata rodo which sold at N8,000–10,000 now sells at 15,000 upwards.

Avocados have become scarce and very expensive due to insecurities in the East while carrots remain scarce.

We have also introduced new and fresh protein items for you to enjoy such as Liver, Shaki, Cow legs, Goat head, Calamari, Periwinkles and many more on pricepally.com.

Cotonou Pineapples are also now available.

Pricepally Emerges as Runner Up at Wharton NVC

We are excited to announce that we emerged as runner up in the Wharton New Venture Competition this November. The pitch competition for early-stage ventures was designed to showcase a new generation of innovators which we are privileged to be a part of. As Semi-finalists, we will participate in masterclasses aimed at establishing a healthy business and have the opportunity to pitch at the Wharton Africa Business Forum on November 6th in front of a panel of esteemed judges.

How waste, roadside display in food marketplaces pose dangers to Lagosians

“Our markets are not usually clean. That is why most of the foods in our markets are not 100 percent safe for consumption.” — Director and Head of Biotechnology Department, Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), Dr Adekunle Lawal Kolawole.

All over the world people are seriously affected every day by diseases that are caused by consuming unhygienic and unsafe food. According to the Guardian the sanitary condition of roadside markets have become a cause for worry as waste dumps are found polluting the environment and making it unhealthy for traders in turn, contaminating fresh foods.

Pricepally gives due emphasis to good hygienic practices to prevent and control foodborne disease through careful packaging and delivery systems. Foodborne diseases result from eating foods that contain infectious or toxic substances. Dirty and unkempt fresh food market environments tend to cause problems in terms of health. We consume many of these things that are not properly packaged, and as a result, people fall sick.

Lagos state pledges support for farmers on food production

According to the PUNCH newspaper, the Lagos state government has said it would support farmers in the state by making agricultural inputs available to them in a bid to boost food production.

The General Manager, Lagos State Agric Input Supply Authority, Mr Bolaji Balogun, said this in a statement on Wednesday, adding that the agency would work to reduce the food price increase associated with the yuletide season.

He said, “LAISA is committed to ensuring the availability of food items throughout the year. The agency will supply farmers in Lagos State with high-quality agricultural inputs and products at affordable prices.

“The state government, through LAISA, has established eight farm centers in different parts of the state in a bid to give farmers easy access to these inputs and boost food production.”

Balogun said the agency will ensure the availability of rice and vegetable oil for citizens ahead of the yuletide season.

SON Unveils Standards to Checkmate Rejection of Nigeria’s Agro Commodities

The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has introduced fresh standards to combat the high level of rejection faced by Nigeria’s agricultural commodities at the global markets. The move according to the standards body is apt and timely to make Nigeria agro commodities competitive at the international markets, especially with the introduction of African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

Events coming up

Lagos Food Festival 2021

The Lagos state government has announced that it will hold its rebranded Lagos Food Festival 2021 on Dec. 12, to stimulate local and foreign investor interest in the food business.

The Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms. Abisola Olusanya made the announcement at a news briefing, on Wednesday, in Lagos, to unveil the programme with the theme ‘A Taste of Lagos”.

The 2021 Lagos Food Festival will be held at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos, with over 3,000 guests projected to attend and total sales of over N15 million expected by participating farmers, fishermen and processed seafoods.

Pricepally is a food tech startup bridging the gap between those who want access to the best when it comes to food purchases. It’s very simple. You order products on the Pricepally app or pricepally.com, and we deliver it to you as early as next day delivery.


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