Pricepally recognized as Food Innovator, flourishes amid Supply Chain Constraints

Pricepally recognized as Food Innovator, flourishes amid Supply Chain Constraints

Go hard or go home!

Three days ago, I received this as one of the most pumped-up emails that have now set the tone for my activities and overall performance in Q4. The last few months have been nothing short of eventful at Pricepally. We launched a new website and mobile app to make food shopping seamless for Nigerians. So far, Pricepally has served over 1500 families since June 2019.

We also participated in Africa’s Food Expo, and are now expanding to the country’s capital.

And that’s not all.

We were also recognized as one of Nigerian Agribusinesses flourishing amid Supply Chain Constraints

This October just like my ‘pumped up email’ says, we are going hard!

Pricepally expands operation to Abuja

In the Last food news, we said that we had begun expansion plans to launch in several cities. Today, operations have begun in the City of Abuja and will be set to go live tomorrow. We are so excited and can’t wait to serve and make food purchases easier for wonderful Nigerians through tech and partnerships. This will be a good time to tell your friends and family in Abuja and of course make cool cash for food purchase through our Refer and Earn program.

Introducing Paint Buckets

Although Pricepally has been known to be a platform for bulk purchase, our New Web and Mobile now enables users and customers to purchase food in small quantities; this means that customers can access much cheaper and fresher alternatives than bulk purchase. The feature enabling this is the Make a List feature, available on our website and mobile app. Click here to sign up and shop quality food items on a budget.

Independence day

On October 1, Pricepally decided to offer customers Free Delivery Service from October 1st — 5th to commemorate celebrations of Nigeria’s Independence since 1960. If you missed this it means you aren’t following us on our socials. Click here to follow and turn on notifications to get the latest deals available.

Local News

Bag of Beans Now ₦100,000

On a monthly basis, prices of food items appear to be rising in major cities in Nigeria. For example, the prices of beans have gone up over the last one month compared to previous months.

A half bag of Oloyin beans sold at 41,500 totaled an increase of 12.45% compared to August. Today, a bag of beans now costs between 50,000 and 100,000 in early October. The price of a bag of Oloyin ranges from 88,000 to 100,000, while a paint rubber costs between N3,500 and N5,500.

Reports suggest that insecurities in the North are the drivers of the food crisis as many farmers flee from their farms out of fear for their lives as bandits, Boko Haram, and other criminals go on the rampage.

Pricepally currently sells at 96,000 for 100KG, 45,000 for 50kg and 3,600 for paint buckets.

Nigerian Agribusinesses Flourish Amid Supply Chain Constraints

Demand for food delivery services was at an all-time high during the pandemic. With more people stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there was a surge in demand for food delivery services. This demand had a positive impact on the food delivery business.

On Independence Day, Pricepally alongside Reelfruit, Releaf and Tomato Jos were recognized as innovators along Nigeria’s agricultural supply chain, in spite of constraints and economic headwinds.

With Agriculture as Nigeria’s Poster child for economic upperhand in the global sphere, Pricepally alongside these other companies have ensured that Nigeria is not left behind in the innovative ways by which countries are addressing food insecurity.

Insecurity prevents farmers from farming in Katsina

Farmers in Katsina state are lamenting about the activities of bandits which prevent them from going to their farms to cultivate food items.

In an interview with DailyTrust, the farmers say bandits storm their farms to either abduct them, kill them or tax them before they can even cultivate on their farms.

A report by DailyTrust states that every household in Batsarin-Alhaji had to pay N500 to the bandits from the last farming season. Thereafter, the bandits demanded that the villagers supply them with fertilizer. The villagers had to tax themselves to purchase the fertilizer.

International News.

Cattle Trade to go digital in Tanzania

Selling and buying cattle may soon go digital as the Warehouse Receipt Regulatory Body (WRRB) is currently finalizing the process to launch a digital portal for that purpose. The envisaged digital portal would enable traders to sell the livestock in the online market. According to WRRB, the forthcoming digital portal will provide an online platform to traders to market their livestock by putting pictures of the livestock and other necessary information, including types of cattle, weight as well as prices.

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