Pricepally is making Shopping in Season easier. Here is how.

Pricepally is making Shopping in Season easier. Here is how.

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Knowing the foods in season is an effective way to save money and get the best quality while purchasing food. While we don’t have control over export and import activities, knowing the season our favorite foods are produced in could help us plan meal budgets accordingly. For example, Tomatoes are much cheaper in the dry seasons (December — March) because farmlands in the north do not suffer from flooding, erosion, and other mishaps during the rainy season.

Although infrastructural problems like bad roads, fuel costs, insecurity, and lack of storage serve as critical factors in determining food prices and quality, being aware of foods in seasons might help you save more and prevent food wastage for our community.

Pricepally is making Shopping in Season easier. Here is how.

Shopping on Pricepally means that you are assured of quality and affordability. Every food item on the mobile app or web has a little arrow signifying the foods in season to help you understand our prices.

Cucumber is saying ‘In-Season’ because the arrow points down to indicate a price decrease.
Cucumber is saying ‘In-Season’ because the arrow points down to indicate a price decrease.

Save up to 25% on fresh food items and grocery shopping and get FREE DELIVERY this July.

As it is well known, Pricepally offers the best deals for food purchases in terms of price and quality. This July, we offer FREE DELIVERY for every purchase made on pricepally.com.

  • For Lagos and Abuja, Shop up to ₦35,000 and above.
  • For PortHacourt, DELIVERY IS FREE — no extra conditions.

What are the markets saying?

  • The price of pepper has been high since the Ileya festival. It is also on the high side because it is out of season and has a high influx of market demands. Pricepally.com is currently selling for as low as ₦3,129 per paint bucket.
  • Shop Derica Tomatoes (50kg) on pricepally.com from ₦44,049, Atarodo (25kg) from ₦44,049, and custard paint (Grade A) for tomatoes for ₦2,819.
  • Fruits in season include Watermelon (out of stock), Pineapples from ₦14,449.00 for 12 pieces, Apple from ₦2,689.00 per 12 pieces, and Cucumber selling from ₦4,450 on pricepally.com.

Please note that prices here are specific to a location. To view prices for your area, visit pricepally.com and change location.

Food Inflation

Nigeria’s inflation rate hit a 65-month high of 18.6% in June 2022. When compared to 17.71% recorded in the previous month surged to 18.6%.

What are the primary drivers of today’s Inflation rate?

According to the recently released CPI report for June 2022 by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria’s inflation rate has surged to its highest level in over five years, mainly due to energy and food prices hike. Petrol was scarce in most cities in the country in the review month, leading to a significant rise in transportation costs.

The uptrend in the inflation rate means that the purchasing power of many Nigerians has been further eroded, meaning that, for example, one’s N5,000 will not buy the same quantity as it did in the previous month.

As with every economy, the rising cost of commodities and a decrease in purchasing power is not peculiar to Nigeria. At Pricepally, our dynamic process of including Data and Partnerships has been helping Nigerians weather this economic drought. Now in three major cities (Lagos, Abuja & Portharcourt), Users can cut additional costs for transportation and get the best quality of fresh food and grocery items sold at 25% less than the local market rate without leaving the comfort of their homes.

While Data aids us in understanding the needs and demands of our customers, Partnerships with local farmers make it possible to bridge the gap between affordable, accessible fresh foods and the many Nigerians who need them.

Pricepally is a food-tech startup bridging the gap between those who want access to the best when it comes to food purchases. It’s effortless. You order products on the Pricepally app or pricepally.com, and we deliver them to you as early as the next day.

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